The Best Website Builder Review

Written by: John Philip
Updated on: Aug 2020

I have reviewed the Best and Top Website Builder's for you, that I have used for my project's

Below are some of the common website builders I have tried. These website builders are intended to make your life easier.

All the website builders mentioned here are subscription-based and some are free to use. Some leading website builders have Mobile editors which add great value if you are constantly on the move. It is as important as acquiring customers as delivering value and engagement to customers, for every business to grow sustainably.

Usually, you only need to look at the basic integrations when you start to build and grow. The increased cost associated with more app integrations can justify itself as you grow.

I have made tested and reviewed below here for Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, GoDaddy, Caard, Weebly and Webflow.

Square space

The most intuitive builder

Squarespace Website Builder
Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace is a great drag and drop website builder, for those looking to create a great business website, an e-commerce platform, or a content-rich platform.

Squarespace offers a great website without the need to enter a single line of code, although it offers flexibility to do coding as well. This does not mean that it is the fastest builder in the list to create a website. But it is the most intuitive in this list.

Squarespace Text Editor
Squarespace has a straightforward Text Editor

It lets you drag and drop elements into predefined columns or rows. It is a very structured editor. It has plenty of inbuilt tools to help content creators and bloggers. It has an inbuilt content management system that lets you manage your website seamlessly with content creation, hosting, register custom domain name, sell products, track site's analytics, and more.

Squarespace Website Templates
Squarespace has Selective range of Classic Website Templated

Squarespace app store contains all the essential extensions for building your project, which contains both free and paid apps. The top reasons to choose are that it offers an intuitive builder and has the best pre-designed templates of any website builder. Squarespace also a mobile editor, from which you can edit your sites right from your mobile phones.

Squarespace Support and Help Pages
Squarespace has a range of Support and Help Pages

Squarespace has built a good community-based resolution platform with help, forums, videos, and webinars. As a premium website builder, it offers a 14-day trial period for its subscription packages.

Best for – Creatives, Blog, Websites, etc except medium to large e-commerce

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Websites to consider: Webflow | Format


The Overall Website Builder

It is nearly impossible for one to hear about Wix campaigns, to start your first website with. Now let’s see what it really offers.

Wix is an unstructured editor with a drag and drop feature for building a website. It is as simple as moving a picture in a frame. This makes it the easiest one on the market for one to start building a website.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence - ADI Design Tool  is great for beginners
Wix Artificial Design Intelligence - ADI Design Tool is great for beginners

Unlike many website builders, they have the editor tools called Wix ADI and Wix Editor which gives a varied level of website creation experience depending on your level of experience. They also offer advanced editors for developers; in case you need to have some professional touch for your website. Wix has pretty much everything that it takes for a great website from full set features, great blogging tools to marketing integrations. Wix has one of the largest App stores that has its free and paid products and great Template libraries.

Wix Third Party Integrations
Wix has a range of Third Party Integrations and Made by Wix Integrations

One of the main highlights, that I couldn’t find elsewhere is, one could start from a Blank template design. This shows their epitome of design flexibility. On top of the icing, you can add animations and background videos as in Squarespace. Wix offers a great mobile editor where you can edit your website and listings on-the-go, which is great. Wix offers Free plans for its products unlike, Squarespace. I recommend Wix to anyone who needs a great overall website with flexibility.

Best for – Websites, Blog, Portfolio, small business Online stores

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Websites to consider: Weebly | Squarespace


Best choice for e-commerce platform

Shopify Website builder Home-page

Shopify offers a great online platform for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses. You have little to worry about building the platform. Virtually every task has been foreseen and is integrated into the builder package. You can find over 4000+ Appstore Integrations

Shopify Business Website Dashboard
Shopify Business Website Dashboard

Shopify is the only website builder platform dedicated to online e-commerce and market which lets you Sell across multiple Sales channels whether it is on your website or social media platforms, and is mobile-friendly.

Shopify Third party Integrations
Shopify Third party Integrations Marketplace

You can find a ton of growing integrations that you can use to boost your customer experience. Shopify has an Amazon sales channel, where you can sell and manage directly on the world’s largest online marketplace simply and conveniently through Shopify. Above and over-subscriptions, Shopify will earn as commission a small percentage of your sales for each of your transactions you make online.

Shopify Overview DashboardShopify Business Analytics Plans

Shopify and Advanced Shopify subscription plans give more access to detailed customer analytics which uses machine learning algorithms which is helpful for more advanced users.

Shopify Free Business ToolsShopify Free Business ToolsShopify Free Business Tools

Shopify has a ton of business integrations, useful for any e-commerce business. It has its own platforms for simple Logo generation, free business photos, and lots more.

Best for – Small to Medium e-commerce websites

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Websites to consider: Seemingly None! Try, Squarespace | Weebly


The Fastest Website Builder

GoDaddy Insights+Marketing Home-Page

GoDaddy website builder is unique in its solution at the speed with which it offers you the solutions, by minimal effort and time required for you to publish the website.

GoDaddy Website Builder has a simple design interface
GoDaddy Website Builder has a simple design interface

GoDaddy's website builder has strict predefined Sections which makes it possible to build your website in the shortest possible time. For those not who are so tech-savvy, Sections are simply predefined content boxes that you can drag and drop. Currently, GoDaddy has a library of 52 Sections.

GoDaddy has a simple Website Builder Dashboard
GoDaddy has a simple Website Builder Dashboard

GoDaddy uniquely suggests you, recommendations, and metrics on how your website fare against similar competitors of your domain of expertise. GoDaddy offers essential marketing integrations and has all the basics for you to start with building a basic website.

GoDaddy Insights+Marketing Website Builder has all essential Marketing Integrations
GoDaddy Insights+Marketing Website Builder has all essential Marketing Integrations

The builder is specifically built for mobile responsive sites and faster completion times. GoDaddy lacks a mobile editor. Although you can build a decent e-commerce store, you will eventually be left wanting for more, when you scale your business to volume. I recommend GoDaddy to everyone who needs to test their products and start an online presence

Best for – Blogs, Website

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Websites to consider: Wix | Squarespace

The One Page Website Builder Website Builder Home-page

Caard is a very affordable freemium Single-page website builder. Without overstating, Caard offers the most cost-effective and a complete builder, in its terms. Caard creates the experience of multiple pages on a single page website by using large Sections. Website Builder has simple one-page template designs Website Builder has simple one-page template designs

The platform is constantly evolving to add new features and custom templates. They have a great set of Integrations including Email Octopus, Get Response, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Revue, Converkit, Google Authenticator, and more. Website Builder has simple design interface for Website Builder has simple design tools for templates

Getting into specifics, while Carrd doesn't have native support for Facebook Pixel just yet, you can still have a workaround by Embed element. However, for embedding third-party plug-ins one can go for a paid subscription plan, which is very affordable. Hey, did I say, this site is completely free to use unless you need to play more seriously! has simple Support and Help guides has simple Support and Help guides

It is attractive as It’s a fast and responsive website on the market if you can fit your project on a single page website. One may feel a lack of some common Blogging tools and e-commerce functionalities, nonetheless, you can try these in different ways. You might not have a versatile tool at your hands, but this website is worth your try for your sidekick.

Best for – Landing Pages, Portfolio

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Websites to consider: GoDaddy


The most underestimated website builder

Weebly Website_builder Home Page

Weebly is one of the most underestimated website builders out there. Weebly has a well-structured responsive simple editor interface, attractive designs and templates, and integrated e-commerce and email marketing features. Weebly also has its email marketing integrations and a great App-center. It has all the essential features for Bloggers.

Weebly Website builder has good range of templatesWeebly Website builder Third party integrations

Editing and placing text and images are easy with its new editor. Weebly’s Square editor lets you design good e-commerce websites also, with fewer customizations, which makes it great responsive pages. One can easily import great designs directly from Adobe Photoshop to the platform. However, one can also add more flexibility to their designs by taking help from developers, which is a great feature. Weebly also has a mobile editor, from where you can manage your online store on the go, which is great.

Weebly Website Builder design tool interfaceWeebly Website Builder DashboardWeebly Website Builder Dashboard and Tools

Weebly does not give you automatic webpage layout recommendations like which Wix and Squarespace do have for their Intelligent editors, which may require you to invest time in coming out with a great design. The editor is somewhat restrictive in nature compared to website builders like Wix, with its Sections, which makes it more audience-friendly and faster build times.

Weebly Website Builder Supports ArticlesWeebly Website Builder Supports Articles

Weebly has good support articles and forums which is great. Weebly does offer a Free plan to its customers, which is also great. It offers simple, readable free subdomains like, unlike many other free website builders.

Best for : Almost all Small Business , Blog

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Websites to consider: Squarespace | Shopify


The Code Breaker

Webflow Website Builder Home-page

Webflow is something that is on the next level when you need ultimate freedom from coding to develop a visually stunning and engaging website, that delivers a great user experience. It allows anyone without being a developer, to take control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript functionality and deliver a light-year ahead experience in a completely visual canvas. It gives no doubt, why NASA, Facebook, Dell, and others trust Webflow for its delivery, security, and performance.

Webflow Website Builder Visual design editor interfaceWebflow Website Builder Visual design editor interfaceWebflow Website Builder Visual design editor interface

Webflow has an editor interface similar to Adobe Photoshop, where every element is treated as a Box. You can create multiple Boxes for inserting content and visual styles. For a beginner, to start building a website right away, will make things tricky. One has to dedicate oneself to go through the training courses offered in the Webflow University, which offers great video content and tutorials on how to progress yourself to building a great website.

Webflow UniversityWebflow University Learning ContentsWebflow University Learning contents

Webflow has over 40 free Templates and is very responsive in design. Webflow is the only one, where one can develop great custom databases for online stores, custom content management systems, customizable product pages, custom product fields, and lots more which are either not available, available as paid integrations, or higher plans in other website builders. You can have a visually stunning website and e-commerce platform, of your choice from Webflow.

Webflow Website builder Prototyping Tool customer testimonial

Webflow is the greatest Prototyping tool, that gets the design team and the engineering team of the business on the same grounds. In simpler terms, It is a more sophisticated tool that can add more business-specific objectives and can transform into a great website experience for customers as well as for the business or project, that no other website builder platform can match.

Best for – Ecommerce, Landing Pages, Prototyping

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Websites to consider: Squarespace | Shopify


I have described the go-to-list tools that you can go right now and start building your small business or your personal portfolio. Most of the above website builders, except webflow which is by far the greatest flexible tool which require some getting used to, offers the simplest solution for one without any technical knowledge to start with. As these website builders offer you the all-in-one solution, where you need not worry about the host of factors including domains, hosting, developers etc that come along with a standard Wordpress or any other solutions.

Broadly speaking there are both advantages and disadvantages that come along with these type of website builders which cannot fit into this context, when you are comparing with a standard Wordpress solution. It can also depend on how much upfront cost and time that you are able to invest when developing the optimal solution for you website. It will be best to consult with your local wordpress developer, although It seems still not many developers tend to support any website builders,but the more and more new web design agencies are now adopting website builders like Shopify into their packages, and weigh your options if you are in doubt.

I am proof that It does not require any form of special acts to build a great website from scratch. There will be moments when you find the further you go the tougher it may seem, but when a bunch of customers come kicking in your storefront to engage with you, you will be more than rewarded for you efforts.

What's your idea of developing a website? Will it be in Website builder or Wordpress? Do you have any other tools or tips that I didn't mention in this post?